In a continuing effort to give you the best possible care and to efficiently manage our medical practice, we have implemented a new service that estimates the amount you will owe for the services you will receive during your visit and gives you several convenient ways to make payment.
When you come in for your visit, we will provide a clear statement showing the cost of your care based on  the  services  you  will  receive  and  your  current  insurance  coverage  including  any  co-pays  and deductibles.
After reviewing the statement, you’ll have several options to pay your estimated balance:

  • Pay at the Time of Service

We accept all forms of payment including cash, check, credit card or debit card.

  • Pay Over Time

If you cannot pay your entire balance in full, payment arrangements can be made. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits within your budget using a credit card to pay in increments, or we can set up automatic withdraws from a bank account.

  • Pay Later

Payment is due at the time of service. In the event you cannot make payment at that time, we will swipe a credit card or take your bank account information. You will be asked to sign an agreement authorizing our practice to charge you later, after your insurance company has paid its portion and provided the exact amount you owe. Charges will never be more than the amount you authorize. All credit or bank account information is securely stored and encrypted once entered into our system.
Benefits to You

  • Know the cost of your care at the time of your visit—no more surprise bills weeks later
  • Convenient and flexible payment options that save you time, hassles and money
  • Eliminate the time and expense of writing checks, mailing and postage, as well as freeing you from dealing with periodic statements or phone calls

We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to make our patient billing process more efficient.